May 2012

Black & White She looks like she could be from any era

I didn't have a poodle coat but they still managed to find something to do to me - thanks Anna

At Jennys & Johns -one of my favourite places, they nicknamed me Soldier.

Xmas 2007

Family Portrait, surrounded by poodles in 2009

Xmas 2012

My sister Chrystelle arrived in 2001 and I had lots to teach her.

11.04.14 - 1 year ago I had to help my first dog - my Bonnie Girl, cross over to the rainbow bridge as she had a suspected tumour in her pituitary gland. I miss her happiness, zest for life and her love dearly. I have many people to thank that helped me through a tough time in my life. To my family who miss her just as much as me - Olivia, David,Mum & Dad. To my friends that helped me give her a fitting farewell - Karen, Carlotta, K1, Ros, Dee. To Sandy & David for allowing me to be able to lay her to rest at home. Thankyou to my friends who sent me lots of flowers, cards & thoughtful texts & facebook posts Dogoverboard Newcastle, Karen & Janine, Virginia, Donna, Andrea, Caitlin, Anna, Rachel, Caitlin, Holly the list goes on. When I was feeling alone and broken hearted It was lovely to be surrounded by some wonderful people in my life. She has since come to me in my dreams and is happy and young again.




Bonnie Tribute Page
06.08.1996 -11.04.2013

Bonnie arrived in October 1996

Tug Toy was her favourite game until her senior years when her teeth weren't as strong. Connie was one of my first playmates.

Having a cuddle with my Grandma, I had demodectic mange as a puppy and was nursed back to health.

Avoca Beach was the first beach I went to, I was scared of the waves at first but soon got over that.

My Dad brought me home in a cardboard box in a plumbing van, Mum saw a advert in the local newspaper - purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup it said.

My first  bed that I destroyed into little pieces, litttle did my humans know that I would end up sleeping with them for most of my life.

Bonnies 1st bath before I was a dog groomer.

4 months old and smiling !


2004 - My 8th Birthday Party

 My family 2005

Xmas 2008 at Davistown Dog Exercise Area

2.5 years

2009 Sharsa & Me at Ettalong Beach

2010 I always had friends & Family around me .

2009 Best Memories from this day playing ball at the beach with Sandy, I was so sore the next day but it was worth it.

2011 just after surgery to remove a lump on her neck

Run like the wind, you can't catch me because I don't have long flufffy hair weighing me down & I'm the eldest! 2001 Asleep on the job at Erina Fair Fashion Parade 2010

We have evidence Bonnie that you dug the hole !

At Erina fair 2010 - I'm no poodle but I can still pose

2012 at Umina Beach 2011 Erina Fair Fashion Parade
Tough Gal Growl n Howl Cap Sleepover at Aunty Helen's
At the My Dog Cafe in Melbourne with my sister Chrystelle As Bonnie was usually found in her bed in the salon.
Bonnies Last Photo - God Bless Her She was the best dog in the world to me ! Photo taken by Caitlin on her second last day with us.













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