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Cocker Spaniels are groomed at $66.00 per hour. Our Pet Stylists shampoo, blow dry, groom & scissor all by hand (NO cage drying) in a PIAA salon.

*Note:. It is Gosford Grooming's policy to place your pet's feelings first and will only groom humanely and safely. We do not de-matt or sedate pets. We've chosen this profession because we love pets and will not hurt them for any price. Weekly and Fortnightly fees are negotiable. Additional charges may apply for aggressive, difficult or special needs dogs. Over Breed Standard size, Matted, extra long, ingrown nails or flea infested coats that require extensive work will be charged extra due to extra time, TLC and skill required for a professional finish.



Our Cocker Spaniel Clients

Masters Exam Dog Eeyore

Masters Exam Dog Wedgewood




Milly Before

Millie After



Angus Cocker X Scottie


Riley Lilly


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