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Healthy Pets - Exercise

To help maintain a healthy weight as well as keeping your pet functioning on the inside your pet needs a reasonable amount of exercise each day. Balls and toys are great ways to get your pet happily running about.

Some breeds will need extra exercise, so take advantage of the off lead exercise areas provided by your council.

Dogs under effective control can happily get the exercise they need off leash as well as time to socialise with other dogs on neutral territory. Your dog can also be walked on a leash regularly to relieve backyard boredom.

Avoid strenuously exercising your dog within an hour of feeding to help prevent the occurrence of Bloat/Gastric Dilatation.

What can you do to help save & keep your off leash dog exercise areas?

Once you and your dog get to the off leash dog exercise area, itís tempting to just stand back and watch all the activity. But everybody will have a much more rewarding time if you observe some basic rules. Dog exercise areas arenít a right, theyíre a privilege. - please donít let bad behaviour ruin things for everyone else.

  • Always keep your eye on your dog. Mischief can happen quickly.

  • Never leave your dog unattended.

  • Always clean up after your dog. Use plastic bags and dispose of in the appropriate nearby bin.

  • Educate your friends on the importance of picking up their dogs waste and keeping their local area clean and tidy.

  • Make sure your dog's registration, vaccination and worming treatments are up to date.

  • Donít bring a female dog in season. Spayed/neutered pets are recommended.

  • Keep your dog on-leash until you get to the off-leash area. This is not just respectful to other park users, itís much safer for your dog. Attached to your dogs collar should be a I.D. Tag with the name of the dog and the address or telephone number of the owner of the dog.

  • If your dog becomes unruly or plays rough please leash him or her and keep under effective control.

  • If you want to pat another dog please ask the owners permission first, they can suggest how you should approach their dog and where the favourite spot is for a pat

Every council has its own set of regulations, so please follow them. Know the boundaries and time constraints.


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