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Grooming is an essential factor in your pet's health and well being, your pet will benefit enormously from a regular grooming appointment.

A professional groomer will groom your pet with the least amount of stress, leaving your pet feeling fresh, clean and comfortable after any knots and light matting are removed, Using specialised grooming techniques that are skilled to perfection your pet will look a million dollars too!

Many long-coated breeds feels more comfortable in the warm weather when their coat has been clipped. They are able to cope with the hotter days better and have less chance of developing heat stress.

Busy or active owners find it easier to care for their dogs during the summer months eg. after swimming it is easy to give the dog a quick hose to remove salt and sand from the coat. Owners would rather spend the time they have playing and having fun with their best friends and leave the rest up to the professionals. Grooming and clipping long haired dogs can also be an advantage for pets that live in a tick area, making it easier to do an essential daily search for the killer parasite as well as less longer hairs for the ticks to grab onto.

Regular grooming helps prevent such problems as eye, ear, urinary infections, parasitic infections and many skin problems can be treated easier if the coat is short.

Why Groom Me?

A Happy Dog is a Well Groomed Dog

Brushing keeps my skin and coat healthy, keeping it free of knots and matting.

  • Clipping makes me feel comfortable, especially in the hot weather.

  • Ticks and Fleas can be found on me more easily with a shorter coat and the shorter the hairs, the harder it is for the ticks to grab onto.

  • When my nails get so long they start to split and catch on things, the blood vessel in my nail grows longer too and can make it hard to trim the nails right back, so please get my nails trimmed monthly so I can walk and play comfortably.

  • Keeping me clean and hygienic especially in my messy areas will prevent infections and disease.

  • Skin problems can be treated easier when my coat is shorter.

  • I will look and feel great having no knots or matts pulling at my skin when i move.

  • My groomer gets all my dead hair out, so I'll leave less on your clothes or furniture.

  • With regular grooming appointments, my groomer will become familiar with my likes /dislikes and will notice any physical or behavioural changes and any abnormalities.

  • I will smell fresh and clean for lots and lots of cuddles.

So please brush me every day or so, and keep my regular grooming appointment, I will start to enjoy it.

Happy Grooming!          

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