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Healthy Pets - Purchasing a Pet

The best place to purchase your new pet is from well known breeders with solid and well founded reputations. A good place to find these breeders is from The Royal NSW Canine Council, who list breeders of particular breeds or you can go to a local dog or cat show where you can meet many experienced breeders and see for yourself the standard of animals they breed.

A good breeder will be choosy in who the pups are sold to. You will need to check whether the breeders dogs are all people friendly and well trained and whether previous generations have lived to a ripe old age free of breed specific diseases. Is the breeder concerned with the dogs mental well being and physical health than just good looks. You should be able to see as many relatives to the puppies as possible. Check that the puppies are brought up in the house not kept down the back in kennels or runs and that mum and relatives have access to the puppies.

Please avoid purchasing puppies and kittens from newspaper advertisements, pet shops, unregistered breeders, puppy and kitten mills where there is no or little genetic history or protection against genetic/hereditary diseases.

If puppies have been given no toilet area and the entire area has been littered with straw or shredded paper, the puppies will have learned they may eliminate anywhere and everywhere, which is what they will do in your home, The older the puppy raised in these conditions the more difficult it will be to housetrain.

Adopting an adult dog from an animal shelter can be a marvellous alternative to raising a puppy. Some shelter and rescue dogs are well trained and simply in need of a home. Others have a few behaviour problems and require their puppy education in adulthood. Some dogs are purebred but most are crossed breeds. The key is to take the time and select carefully, most shelter staff are experienced in helping people find suitable pets.


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