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It is important to start training as soon as your puppy joins the household - while they are young, eager to learn and haven't picked up any bad habits.

Puppy preschools are a great way to achieve early socialisation & training.

Early socialisation & training will highly increase your pet's ability to mix well, be happy around other pets and create a strong bond between you and your pet. It is vital that your puppy meets lots of different dogs, people and experiences different environments at an early age. These first few weeks of your puppy's life can never be repeated, and positive experiences will ensure your puppy becomes a confident and well adjusted adult. Teaching your dog basic commands and good manners are essential for a sound and stable dog that will be a joy to own.

What to look for in a Puppy Preschool or Training Class
Positive Reinforcement Training methods should be used, which means rewarding the behaviour we want and not rewarding or ignoring unwanted behaviour. These methods are fun and gentle and speed up the learning process. Puppies learn very quickly and will repeat anything that they get rewarded for. Flat collars should be used, no check / choke chains, positive motivators like balls, toys or food.

All pets in training are vaccinated or have started their vaccination program.

Talk to your dog trainer before introducing a adult dog to a new home with new rules as the first 3 days are vitally important for a smooth transition.

An old dog CAN be taught new tricks. See our Pet Directory for Dog Trainers listed.

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