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Healthy Pets - Vaccination

It is important that your pet's vaccinations are kept up to date to prevent your dog or cat from dangerous infectious diseases.


  • 1st vaccination is at 6-8 weeks
    - C3 for Distemper, Parvovirus & Hepatitis.

  • 2nd vaccination is at 10-12 weeks
    -C3, or if your pet may need to stay in a boarding kennel a C4 or C5 Canine Cough, Bortadella Vaccination will be required.

  • 3rd vaccination is at 16 weeks
    - C3 (C4 or C5 Canine Cough & Bortadella)

  • Annual Booster For Life


  • 1st Vaccination at 6-8 weeks
    - Feline Enteritis & Feline Respiratory Disease

  • 2nd Vaccination at 12 weeks
    - Feline Enteritis & Feline Respiratory Disease

  • 3rd Vaccination at 16 weeks
    - Feline Respiratory Disease (Cat Flu)

  • Annual Booster For Life

  • Feline Leukaemia Vaccination is also available, please talk to your Veterinarian.


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