Lunch n Play with the Groomers



Teeth brushing $5.50

Charlie gets his teeth brushed with every monthly groom.

"I have always been happy with Charmaine & staff. I could not get better treatment anywhere. Charlie loves his day there. He has been going to Charmaine's since he was 5 weeks old"  Mrs Megson  10/07/11


 Are you sick of smelly dog breath? Using a small soft tooth brush with St Francis Canine Cinnamon  & Tea Tree Toothpaste we clean the film & food from your dogs teeth, reducing plaque build up, keeping teeth & gums healthy & freshening their breath. Great for assessing dental problems for vet referral.


Furminator Shed Less Program $5.00



Tired of hair on your clothes and furniture? Furminate that extra dead hair away! Furminating can reduce shedding by 60-80% for about 4-6 weeks. Less mess and stress for you and your pet. Visit for more information. Great for Terriers & Spaniels.

Puppacinos $2.50


Give your dog the full day spa experience with  a Puppacino, a combination of frothy pet milk and liver sprinkles.



Lunch & Play with the Groomers $2.50



A great time for your dog to bond with their groomer!

Express Grooming $10


Is your pet on a tight schedule? Is your dog sensitive and need priority grooming? Would you like your dog groomed from beginning to end and be called or sms messaged as soon as the dog is ready to be picked up? Then elect Express Grooming and your dog will be ready WITHIN 2hrs and be given dedicated attention. Limited spaces by appointment only.


Premium Shampoos & Conditioners $3.00


Gosford Grooming's standard shampoos are very gentle, hypo-allergenic and soap free. You may like to try one of the best whitening, colour enhancing, deep cleansing, tea tree, treatment, aromatherapy, herbal or medicated shampoos and deep conditioning treatments. We would be happy to assist you in which one would suit your dog's skin and coat.


Doggy Day Spa Massage


With a calming atmosphere of aromatherapy, crystals and candles, your dog will enjoy a combination of Tellington Touch, Ear Slides, Crystal Healing and Canine Calming Signals during a tender massage. Charmaine's intuition and empathy towards animals, together with her years of experience creates a special connection. Day Spa Massage appointments available on Thursdays only.$22.50 per 30 minutes


Paw Polish Peticures


Designer dog nail polish - hot pink, red, blue, glitter, black & white or a combination of coloured dog nail polish whihc is thicker and dries better will be gently applied so your dog will be the grooviest dog on the block. Paw polish Peticures include nail trimming and filing Paw Polish $15  Paw Polish & Pad trimming $25.50


Anal Glands $5.00


Anal Glands will be expressed during their bath using the exterior method to make your pet feel comfortable and prevent anal gland problems and those unpleasant doggy smells.


Pet Photos

Would you like a photo of your pet's first groom? Before , during and after photos? Or just because your pet is so cute after being groomed? Maybe it's your pets birthday.... $5.00 plus $2.50 each additional photo.


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