Pet Food

I often get asked what I feed my dogs. Chrystelle, Bonnie and Colleda have  BARF Patties and Raw Chicken Wings or Necks daily. I have peace of mind knowing that I am feeding my dogs the best food that I have come across.

BARF dog food is based on a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet.

Dogs noses …know – I recently was looking after a 8 week old puppy and when given the choice of what he was currently eating – Pedigree puppy canned food and BARF patties he scoffed down the patties and left the rest.

BARF DOG FOOD comes in 6 varieties –  Lamb, Kangaroo, Beef, Duck, Red Meat Combo and white meat combo.

Gosford Grooming supplies Frozen BARF patties for $9.50. All Bonnie and Colleda need is 1 patty daily. Chrystelle & Templer has 2 patties as they have a higher metabolism.

Patties are 6 to a pkt which costs $9.50

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